in Sarajevo, Bosnian and Herzegovina

How to found a company and to start a business in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina?

If you want to found a company in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, you are in the right place.
Founding a company in Sarajevo contains a lot of administrative and bureaucratic work.
Our lawyer team has experience, knowledge, and skills to take care of that for you.

On this page we will explain procedures and details you need to know about founding a company in Sarajevo as:

  • Bosnian citizen.
  • Bosnian citizen that lives abroad.
  • Foreigner.

We’ve created this step-by-step resource to explain the process, to show you precisely what you need and how we can help you to start a business and to found a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

founding company

  1. First of all, you will have to choose the name of your company. On this link, you will check if your company name is available or not. Registers of Business Entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. You have to have an office for your company,the address of the office will be used in all company documents. (We can help you to find an office)
  3. You will choose who will be the director of the company and will director have restrictions.


Procedures and documents that we will take care of:

  1. Making the founding act of the company.
  2. Making statute of company-rules of company.
  3. Preparing all required statements, forms, and declarations.
  4. Certification of documents in the municipality (founder attendance necessary).
  5. Founding transitional bank account.
  6. Collecting registration decision from the court.
  7. Making company stamp.
  8. Making tax registration for the company.
  9. Founding company main bank account (founder attendance necessary).