Resident Visa
in Sarajevo, Bosnian and Herzegovina

The third step in establishing a business in Bosnian and Herzegovina is Resident Visa. After your Working permit is approved, we will start the procedure for Visa.

Procedures and documents for a resident visa in Bosnian and Herzegovina:

  1. Visa Form Request –  must be filled handwrite or electronic and signed by the applicant, VisaFormRequest.pdf
  2. Administrative expenses are 150,00 KM. (about 76.4 €)
  3. Photo made in close past, dimensions 35×45 mm
  4. Copy of passport (with the main page and with a page where is evidence about the last entry in Bosnia and Herzegovina)- passport must be valid at least three months longer than the period of the visa.
  5. A copy of white card evidence, about residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  6. Valid Working permit.
  7. Evidence that the company paid all taxes (evidence not older than 90 days).
  8. Court decision for company registration
  9. A medical certificate, which is a guarantee that the applicant doesn’t have any disease that is a threat to Bosnian public health. The Certificate can’t be older than three months and issued by an authorized institution.
  10. Evidence that the applicant doesn’t have Criminal proceedings, and that the applicant didn’t have any criminal records (wasn’t punished for criminal offenses), issued by government institutions. Not older than six months.
  11. Evidence about accommodation in Bosnian and Herzegovina:
    • An Evidence that the applicant has real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    • A contract for renting accommodation
  12. Invitation letter – invitation letter form.pdf

Note: In the process of resident visa, any document written in a foreign language needs to be translated to the Bosnian language. All documents must be original or certificated.