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How to get a working permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

A working permit allows foreigners the right to work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the same way as Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens, with equal rights and obligations. The employment service issues the working permit, based on the Law of foreigner’s employment. Law on government page:[Law of foreigner’s employment.pdf Bosnian language]. The duration of the working permit is a maximum of one year. You must renew it before the expiry date, one year from the issue date.

Request for issuing a working permit:

A request for issuing or renewal of working permission the employer submits to the cantonal service. The legal representative of the company must sign the application. After approval by the national employment service. The service gives the foreigner a working permit.

founding company offers a complete administration around preparation, filling, and applying for requests for issuing and renewal of a working permit. In the following text, you will find a list of necessary documents and the amount of administrative taxes. 

    • We will prepare for you a request
    • Compile the text of a written explanation
    • Prepare a working contract
    • Organize a translation of documents
    • Compile the necessary documents
    • Monitor the entire process of issuing
    • We will only inform you about the finalized procedure

The information needed to prepare the application for a work permit are:

  1. Information about the foreigner: name and surname, including all formal names and surnames, names and surnames of parents.
  2. Date of birth/ gender/ place of residence and home address in the country of origin/ valid traveling documents: number, date, and place of issuing.
  3. Information about: the job, job type, and working conditions.
  4. Company information: registration number and date.
  5. Number and date of bank confirmation of the solvency of the employer.
  6. Name, evidence of tax payments of the foreigner (in case of renewal of working permit).
  7. Number and date of a written explanation of the employer on the justification of the employment of a foreigner
  8. The number, date, and place of the issued graduation certificate of a foreigner, must be translated to one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s official languages and validated by the competent authority.

Necessary certificated documents:

  1. Passport
  2. The graduation certificate must be translated into one of the official languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  3. Company registration decision and tax ID.
  4. Proof of company solvency, issued by the bank where the company has a primary account, decisions of founding.

Original documents needed:

  1. A written explanation about the validity of the employment of foreigners by paragraph 7.2 procedure.
  2. Evidence that administrative expenses for working permits are paid.

More details on Government Web Site

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